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Tips for Tackling Household Clutter

Written By Brooke TakharDate 30 Jan. 2016

After years of staging experience, we know the quickest way to make a room look polished is to banish the clutter.

A clutter-free room lets the individual pieces you’ve carefully selected – artwork, furniture, rugs, fresh flowers – truly shine.

If you want to properly eliminate clutter, you need to get organized. Without this commitment, months down the road you’ll be staring at the same clutter again.

A crucial key to a clutter-free room, and home, is this: a place for everything and everything in its place.

So, where to start?

  1. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, start with one room at a time. Put on a favourite album and get to work until the last notes play. Try to not think of this as a chore but rather a way to re-claim and beautify your space.
  2. Sort your clutter into piles of Donate, Recycle and Trash. Your clutter could be someone else’s treasure!
  3. Once  you’ve rid your home of the unnecessary clutter, now you can go shopping and purchase appropriate storage vessels. They don’t have to be boring! Ikea, Room in Order and Pottery Barn are just a few places that offer stylish ways to keep clutter contained, that also blend with your style and decor in any room.

Here are some fun and functional options for various rooms in your house.

Room In Order Storage Solutions

Office Boxes

urban presentations banish clutter 1

Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer

urban presentations banish clutter 2

Prisma Jewelry Stand

urban presentations banish clutter 3

Ikea Storage Vessels


urban presentations banish clutter 4


urban presentations banish clutter 5

Pottery Barn Shelving

Olivia Wall-Mounted Shelves

urban presentations banish clutter 6

New York Closet Shelves

urban presentations banish clutter 7

If you’re ready to get started tackling your clutter, but need a little more guidance, here’s a handy step-by-step Six Week Decluttering Challenge to follow.

If this passion for organization is due to an impending move, remember that a staged home sells 85% quicker. Give us a call anytime – we’d love to chat!