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Sutton Place Hotel Christmas Cheer for our PALS

Written By Brooke TakharDate 28 Nov. 2015

With our intensely creative team, you might have guessed that we have plenty of amazing Christmas traditions. One of our very favourite traditions this time of year takes place in the lobby of the downtown Vancouver Sutton Place Hotel.

For the 9th consecutive year, we were thrilled to join other designers and stagers decorating individually stylized trees. Every tree has its own personality and flair; this year our tree had a bold sash of over 200 hand cut felt flowers. Our hands might be sore from cutting but we were so happy with the final result. Take a peek!

 Tree decorating Sutton Place Hotel 1
{We only decorated one tree but we felt it needed a collage so you could ooh and ahhh at those flowers!}

These trees light up the lobby in beautiful ways but the true purpose behind them is even more striking. When you view the trees, you are asked to vote for your favourite tree with a donation. These valuable donations go towards PALS Autism School.

PALS is an innovative school for autistic children. One of their methods for teaching uses visual cues via iPad. The funds raised will help with purchasing and replacing iPads and iPad covers.

We’ll never forget a special moment last year. After a parent had shared the challenges of their autistic child’s communication, an adorable student was able to communicate with the group using his iPad to guide him. We were all moved and felt the connection amongst everyone gathered.

 UP decorating Sutton Place Hotel Tree

{Jennifer McPherson puts the stunning star atop the tree}

Please take a few moments from your downtown shopping to pop into the Sutton Place Lobby, view the towering trees all trimmed with care, and cast your vote for charity. If you make that an annual tradition, so many wonderful things can happen.

UP decorating Sutton Place Hotel Tree 2

{Annette McLean & Caroline Roussy with the final result!}