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Staging a Property Step-By-Step

Written By Brooke TakharDate 31 Mar. 2017

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know the value of home staging; a well-staged home rarely stays on the market for long.

We have shown you the beautiful homes we are so lucky to stage along with behind-the-scenes tips, anecdotes and hurdles but we have never pulled back the final curtain to reveal exactly how much time goes into a staging project.

West 3rd Living Room

Whether it’s a compact condo or a sprawling manor, we take pride in spending the necessary time to ensure our staging reveals the home’s unique flavour, and makes the homeowner’s dream of a quick sale come to fruition.

Here is a rough breakdown of the time spent and the muscles exhausted in a staging project so you can get a better grasp of just what we do day-to-day. (All times are approximate.)

Grandview property for sale staged by Urban Presentations 1

Initial Consultation (1 hour)

  • Visit the staging property and meet the agent or seller
  • Take room measurements
  • Snap photos of the space for a “before” reference

Planning & Design (4-5 hours)

  • Assess the property room by room and determine what furniture and accessories are needed/fit/are appropriate for the space and neighbourhood

Administrative Details (1- 2 hours)

  • Create and present proposal for client approval
  • Answer any ensuing questions

Gathering Supplies etc (7 hours)

  • “Shop” the warehouse and pull all necessary furniture and accessories
  • Purchase additional touches as needed (art, accessories, linens etc)

Pre-Stage Pack (4-5 hours)

  • Wrap up and pack items to be sent to property
  • Ensure everything is itemized on Inventory List

Staging the Property (8-16 hours)

  • Depending on the size of the space, this can be a one or two person job
  • Unload and unpack all items and put in place
  • Ensure all linens are wrinkle-free
  • Accessorize each room (art, greenery, lighting)
  • Take photos for portfolio/gallery

Clean-Up (5 hours +)

  • Once the house is sold (hooray!) we now need to remove all traces of us
  • Re-pack and load all items into transportation vehicles
  • Ensure every item is accounted for based on the Inventory List
  • Unload, unpack and store all inventory back into the warehouse

If you’re doing the math, that is a lot of hours for just one staging project and we are not always doing one at a time. While it is both labour intensive and creatively taxing, we wouldn’t change a thing. We love flexing our skills to create an environment in your home that is so appealing to buyers they simply MUST put in an offer. Even if there are stumbles and hiccups along the way, every staging project feels like a triumph at the end.

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