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Fun Fall Hacks for a Cozy and Organized Home

Written By Brooke TakharDate 18 Oct. 2017

If you peek outside, you know the “wet coast” is already happening. After a beautiful extended summer, we are now looking at months of shorter days, autumn leaves stuck to our galoshes and gentle upward nudges on the thermostat. Here are some easy ways you can prepare your home for a clutter-free Fall filled with simple pleasures. Most homes don’t…

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Empty Nest Remodel Inspiration

Written By Brooke TakharDate 31 Aug. 2017

At this time of year, many families are bidding farewell to children heading off to post-secondary adventures. Once the tears have been dried, suddenly there is a new fun challenge: a room to be remodeled! Your empty nest is now an opportunity for some fun feathering! Before you get started, it’s important to think the whole process through. What is…

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The Life-changing Magic You Can Create in Your Own Home

Written By Brooke TakharDate 30 Sep. 2016

Looking at our staging projects, you can probably guess we love clean lines, simple and straight-forward design, and banishing all the visible clutter. When we heard about organizing consultant Marie Kondo‘s best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, we had a hunch we would love it. The stunning success of this title tells us one thing: a lot of…

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How to Downsize in Vancouver’s Red Hot Real Estate Market

Written By Brooke TakharDate 28 Aug. 2016

With all the conversation surrounding the current state of BC’s real estate market, we thought it would be interesting to dive into the finer details of one family’s current transition. Cindy Stocker’s mom, Ann Sutherland, was gracious enough to share her story and provide some valuable tips and advice for how to downsize now, or later down the road. Recently…

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From Old to Sold :: A Kerrisdale Staging Success

Written By Brooke TakharDate 21 Jun. 2016

Sometimes a property provides an amazing challenge. Sometimes it’s difficult for a buyer to see the true potential of a home when it is out-dated and cluttered. Here’s where we come in! Old-timer condo MINUS decades of clutter PLUS paint, fresh appliances, furnishings & decor by Urban Presentations = SOLD! It’s our favourite kind of equation. Here’s how this place…

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Tips for Tackling Household Clutter

Written By Brooke TakharDate 30 Jan. 2016

After years of staging experience, we know the quickest way to make a room look polished is to banish the clutter. A clutter-free room lets the individual pieces you’ve carefully selected – artwork, furniture, rugs, fresh flowers – truly shine. If you want to properly eliminate clutter, you need to get organized. Without this commitment, months down the road you’ll…

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Six Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning

Written By Brooke TakharDate 30 Mar. 2015

With Spring officially here, it’s the perfect time to get your home organized and beautiful after a long winter. Here are our favourite motivating tips to help you get moving on some successful Spring cleaning. 1. Don’t Forget Curb Appeal You can spend an entire weekend getting the inside of your home gorgeous, but don’t forget the outside. The entrance…

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Contain Clutter with Storage Solutions

Written By Brooke TakharDate 26 Mar. 2015

Every home, no matter how organized it is, has clutter. As you probably know, getting organized has become quite the industry. That means now there are so many interesting and innovative ways you can organize your home. Forget saggy cardboard boxes in the garage or dirty Ziploc bags buried in kitchen drawers. We found some delightful storage solutions that will…

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You’ve Arranged a Stage – Now What?

Written By Brooke TakharDate 14 Aug. 2014

Congratulations! You’ve put your home on the market. You’ve connected with us to stage your home. Suddenly, the reality hits – what do you need to do before the stagers come? The most important thing to know is this: please don’t worry about what your home looks like when we first visit. We have seen it all and never judge…

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Hello 2012!

Written By UPDate 01 Jan. 2012

Hello 2012! I am ready for whatever it brings…. especially Jennifer’s new baby if she (that’s just my opinion) finally decides to arrive. I have a renewed sense of purpose and intentions. Someone asked me today if I had any New Year’s resolutions and I really had to think about what that might be. I think we all live our…

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